Today’s Spotlight features two people making a difference in community health:

  • Mark Arnoldy, 25yrs old young man from South Boston, MA
  • Madieu Williams, Pro-Football player for the NFL Minnesota Vikings

Madieu Williams is better known for his work as a free safety for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings than for his efforts in West Africa. But when he’s not trying to stop the NFL’s best receivers, he’s committed to bringing better health and education to his native Sierra Leone. The Madieu Williams Foundation is focused on education, health and fitness for underprivileged youth both in the United States and in Sierra Leone.  Through his foundation, Madieu has implemented numerous projects to improve the overall wellness of children.

Mark Arnoldy

While visiting Nepal, Mark had a near death experience due to his severe peanut allergy. This gave him a personal look into a common situation for all too many Nepali people who lack sufficient healthcare. Mark joined Nyaya Health with the goal of providing adequate healthcare to the people of far-west Nepal. Nyaya Health partnered with the Nepali government and community and hire, train, and support an all-Nepali hospital and health center staff to create a new standard of health care delivery in Nepal through innovative tools of transparency. Nyaya has treated over 85,000 patients to date through their 25 bed hospital, while employing 125 local Nepali people.


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