Bizarre Medical Treatments from Around the World

People sometimes use strange and weird method to do medical treatment. Here are 5 strange medical treatments from several regions in the world.

1. Treatment of Asthma

A family from India designed its own “health” system almost 100 years ago, which includes the ingestion of raw fish, a fish with the length that ranges from two to three inches. They make a yellow color herbal paste with these fish which are called “murrel”. The secret herbal paste is prepared by Batini Gaudi generation and is known only to family members. Some doctors say that several patients are cured from asthma forever by swallowing this fish for three consecutive years.

2. Treatment with Honey Bee Sting

Honey Bees stinging, yes, they are forced to do so for a medical purpose to cure from many diseases. It was developed as a popular healing tool in China and since then it is one of the popular methods of alternative medicine to cure many diseases, including gout, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

3. Rheumatic Fever

The people in Siwa believe that being buried in the sand during the hottest time of the day is a therapeutic treatment which can cure rheumatism, joint pain and sexual impotency. Siwa Oasis is in the El Dakrror mountain area 700 kilometre northwest of Cairo and 55 km to the Libyan border. Well, after spending hours in the sun, burning, surely, anything cool is going be heaven.

4. Back Pain

This treatment comes from Palestine and it’s called Hujama. Hujama is traditional Islamic treatment method that involves creating a vacuum on the skin by placing inverted cups on parts of the body and drawing blood from an incision on the skin. In the picture, a Palestinian Hujama therapist treats a patient suffering from backache at his clinic in Khan Younis refugee camp, southern Gaza Strip.

5. Punchgavya- Cow Urine Therapy

In India, a product made from cow urine is used as medication for the treatment of different diseases. The inhabitants believe that it can help you cure from diseases like cancer, nervous system disorders, and others.  It is assumed that cow urine is antiseptic and also treats cuts and wounds. The treatment or cow urine therapy is famous as “Panchgavya” in the region of its production. The Punchgavya is particularly used in Ayurveda and its ingredients are limited to cow’s urine; it may also include milk, curd, ghee or dung.

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