SPOTLIGHT: 17yr old Girl Invents Heart Exam for Cellphone

While many 17 yr old girls are looking into what college they will be attending next year,  Cartherine Wong is making historical changes in the medical field.

According to NBC News , there is an estimated 2 billion people in the world who lack access to basic health care, however, they would be happy to know that recently a   17 year old girl from New Jersey  invented a heart exam for cellphone. This an inexpensive and portable electrocardiogram that transmits data via cellular networks.

An electrocardiogram, also called EKG, is a routine test run at hospitals around the world that records the heart’s electrical activity.The problem is that the medical equipment typically used to perform the test is expensive and bulky, making it impractical for people who lack money and access to hospitals.

However, Wong realized that although many people around the world may not be able to afford proper healthcare, what these patients do have, perhaps surprisingly, is cellphones.

Wong worked with her high school physics teacher to understand the electrical engineering and Java programming components needed to build a prototype EKG that connects to a cellphone via Bluetooth. The heartbeat rhythm is displayed on the cellphone screen thanks to a Java applet.

The data is sent to an offsite doctor for analysis.


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